You apply via Helpdesk.

Please create a helpdesk message under "Contact us", if this is done, you need to write "Admin Application – [your in-game name]" in the headline and reply to the content of this page in your application. After you done that, an admin will take care of your application :)

All junk applications will be closed without response!

Application Agreement:

A bit about yourself (personal part):

Other questions:


Application agreement:

· You will not beg staff members to check your application
· You will not complain, if your application got declined
· You will not have anything against being watched over when you are accepted
· When you have a VAC-Ban, it needs to be older than 365 days
· You need to have a level 5 Steam account, or your application will be declined
· You will not favorize players, like family and friends, if they break the server rules
· You need to have a prime account for CSGO

We look forward to receiving your application!

Your application will be answered within 24 hours.

Sincerely. - CPH-Gaming Admin Team